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Congratulations on your engagement!  It is our hope and prayer that the preparations for and the celebration of your wedding will be the beginning of a marriage that will reflect your faith in and dedication to God, each other and the Church.

These guidelines are intended to answer some initial questions and deal with some practical matters.  Everything else should be discussed with the clergy member who will be preparing you for this Sacrament.

Who May Marry Here - A registered and active parishioner, who is not prohibited by a church impediment, may celebrate his/her wedding here.  An active parishioner is one who regularly attends Mass, contributes to the support of the parish and tries to live his/her Catholic Faith.

Catholics from outside the parish who wish to celebrate their wedding here are welcome to do so but first must obtain permission from their proper pastor and secure the services of a Catholic clergy member who is in good standing with their diocese or religious order.  It is the clergy member's responsibility to ensure that the proper preparation and paperwork are done, as well as, to officiate at the wedding ceremony.

Date/Time - Call the Church Office (859-431-5314) to reserve a wedding date and time at least 9 to 12 months prior to the wedding.  All reservations are considered tentative until they are confirmed by the celebrant and a non-refundable down payment ($300) is received.

Celebrant - the normal celebrants for weddings are the pastor and/or deacon assigned here.  If the couple wishes for another Catholic clergy member to officiate at their wedding the approval of the pastor is required.

Fees - The fee for the use of the Church is $800.  The fee for the sacristan, if outside clergy is brought in, is $200.  For registered and active parishioners, their contributions to the parish may be taken into account as part of the fee.  Church law forbids the clergy to charge a fee for the celebration of a sacrament.  It is customary, however, to offer the celebrant a stipend at the time of the wedding.  The usual stipend amount is $150.00 for the wedding and $50.00 for the rehearsal.  If servers are required, a gift of $10 or more each is always appreciated.

Music - Music used during the ceremony should be liturgical, emphasizing that the wedding is the celebration of a sacrament.  The prelude music may be contemporary but should still reflect the religious nature of the wedding.  The parish music director can assist you in the selection of music and all music must be approved by the music director or the pastor.

Flowers and Decorations - No flowers, candles or other decorations or symbols may be placed on the altar of sacrifice or attached to the communion rail.  Couples planning their wedding should be aware that the decorations already in the church can not be removed or changed for any reason.  Additional "no drip" candles can be used in the sanctuary and elsewhere responsibly.  Set up of flowers and/or candles can not begin until after the last Mass or other church activity is finished.  These same decorations must be removed immediately after the wedding.  We do not allow aisle runners in the church.

Dressing and Clean Up - There really isn't a private area in the church for dressing, so please plan on dressing elsewhere.  No rice, paper, confetti, bird seed or rose petals are permitted to be thrown inside or outside the church.  You are responsible for cleaning up any programs, paper, boxes, etc, from the church and grounds immediately following the wedding.  This might be a good job for a friend or family member.

Photography - Still photography and video taping are permissible.  The actual photographing and taping should be unobtrusive and NEVER disrupt the flow of the ceremony.  Pictures may be taken before and after the wedding in a timely manner.  Remember your guests!  Respect for the church should be maintained so do not rearrange church furnishing or use them for props.  Please show this part of the guidelines to your photographer before the rehearsal and wedding.

Special Situations - It is church policy that there may not be a Mass with the wedding unless both parties are Catholic.  Since the wedding is a celebration of uniting, if only one side of the church receives communion the aspect is lost.

     If either party has been married before and not received an annulment or if there is a pregnancy, please inform your celebrant before setting a wedding date.

Phone Numbers - Linda, Church Office:    859-431-5314
                               Daryl, Music Director:   513-385-7190