A letter from the Bishops of Kentucky

Saint Ann

1268 Parkway Ave.

​Covington, KY.  41011

Please pray for those on our prayer line


Saint John -  Dave Bockweg, Chuck Chambers, Jim Dault, Bonnie Ellison, Dan Hermann, Ernie Kimball, Summer Lovins (niece of Linda O'Bryan), Charlie Menke, Jane Moore, Mary Sandy (mother of Daryl Sandy), George Wermeling, and all those who are sick and in need from Saint John's Church.

Saint Ann - Brian Caudill (nephew of Teresa Schumacher) Lou Chalfant, Sylvia Doll, Mary Jane McGuire, Bill McMillian, Daniel Schmidts, Helen Topmiller and all those who are sick and in need from Saint Ann's Church


Please pray for those serving us in the Military

Joe Gerrein, Riley Martin, Jonathan Meyer, Zacgart Webster and all members of our armed forces who are bravely serving our country.

Saint John the Evangelist

627 W. Pike St.

Covington, KY.  41011

(859) 431-5314

Treasures on Earth

It all began at Epworth.

A little room downstairs,

Backed by Methodist Women

And many hopeful prayers

Word went out to families

All who were in need,

Here's a place that helps you

Not just in word, but deed

Treasures on Earth, they called it, 

Hoping to fulfill

People's needs for caring

with help for earthly ills

Soon the others joined us

Saints from Ann and John,

Their support and loving 

Helped us carry on.

Now these eight years later,

Items from the store

Go to hundreds monthly

Local folks and more

We pray that it spreads blessings

Seventy times seven

And those who keep it going

Will know Treasures in Heaven

Lois Shryock Runden

Free Store Founder 1999