Please pray for those on our prayer line


Saint John -  Debbie Bartlett, Tracy Bockweg, Chuck Chambers, Jim Dsuly, Bonnie Ellison, Linda Glahn, Dan Hermann, Krista Hicks, Ernie Kimball Summer Lovins (niece of Linda O'Bryan), Marilyn Mattingly, Charlie Menke, Sr. Norene, Mary Sandy (mother of Daryl Sandy), Dick Unkraut, George Wermeling, Bonnie Wolfe and all those who are sick and in need from Saint John's Church.

Saint Ann - Simon Balsom (son-in-law of Teresa Schumacher) Kelly Chalfant, Caroline Chesar (granddaughter of Mary Anne Hall), Sylvia Doll, Mary Jane McGuire, Anagayle Montes (great-niece of Teresa Schumacher) Daniel Schmidts, George Witte, and all those who are sick and in need from Saint Ann's Church


Please pray for those serving us in the Military

Jared Bockweg, Joe Gerrein, Riley Martin, Jonathan Meyers, Clint Roberts, Keaton Williams, Charles Schumacher, Robert Schumacher (Sons of Daniel Schumacher) and all members of our armed forces who are bravely serving our country.

Saint John & Saint Ann

Serving the Catholic Communities of Covington Kentucky